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About Us

TVL Engineers Pvt. Ltd. is a combination of two giants, Sree Durga Fibre Products & S.D. International. We provide quality products in the Wood Polymer Composites (WPC) sector. For the first time in India, we’ve brought European technology to produce WPC boards. 'Floresta', our brand is a superior quality product. WPC stands for composite panels made from a combination of fine quality polymer with wood dust and lubricants along with other chemicals. At our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, we use the best quality equipment along with the top-notch raw materials to give you the best WPC Boards. Our products are offered not only value-for-money, but quality-wise are the best in the market. Furniture made from our products is sure to win hearts with original grade quality made of wood dust and displaying the characteristics of actual wood. Our dedication towards quality is not just limited to our products, but also applies to our logistical systems. Our robust logistics processes ensure that all orders are fulfilled on time. The carpenters and other artisans working with our products recommend us as the first choice among wood panels. We are ISO 9001-14001 certified company with the latest and upgraded 2015 certification. At TVL Engineers Pvt. Ltd., we believe in doing and giving our best towards being the most respected name in terms of quality and service when it comes to WPC Boards.

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Floresta WPC


Floresta is a 100% Wood Polymer Composite board (WPC) product made from the finest quality raw materials using European technology. Furniture made with it is as close to the actual wood furniture as can be possible. With fire-retardant characteristics, it is totally water, termite and borer-proof. It not only looks like wood but also works like wood. A next generation product, it can withstand heavy pressure and can be pierced with nails and screws. It is eco-friendly, durable and easy to use.

Vision Floresta WPC


TVL Engineers Pvt. Ltd. aspires to be the most superior name in the WPC segment industry. Our quality should be a benchmark for other manufacturers to emulate. Not only in manufacturing, but also in logistics, we should have unmatched excellence. It should be the name to reckon with when plywood dealers, furniture manufacturers, carpenters, and other people using this product go about deciding the brand they want to choose.
Our products should not only be durable but also be reasonable, given the quality we offer. We should have a product for each cost range so that we are able to serve all the sections of the society.

Mission Floresta WPC


To achieve our vision of superior quality and reach, we will make quality a basic requirement. No product will pass out of the company's systems without a total guarantee of fulfilling what it promises to the customer.
We would leverage the combined strength of our human resources, equipment and infrastructure to ensure zero-defect by habit and not by choice. European technologies will be adopted in our system to make our products stand out.
Efficient logistics systems will be deployed for a superior reach to customers. No effort will be spared to ensure that the living standards of mankind are being elevated with our cost-effective and durable products.